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Imagine having access to an infinite amount of quality courses that showed you how to master every facet of comic book illustration. Actually think about how cool that would be for a moment...

...and what if every time you got stuck, there was someone there who had your back. Someone who answered your questions and gave you the guidance you needed to overcome those obstacles?

Better yet, what you if you could get LIVE training sessions on the regular too?

It might seem like an impossible Wishlist to fulfil, but would you believe me if I told you, you can really have all of that and more in one place, right now?

Because that's what we've created for you here - a single product that holds within it an ever expanding library of courses, monthly training sessions, Q&A's and more...



✎ 1 on 1 Mentoring Session
✎ Essential Comic Art Reference Set
✎ Access to The How To Draw Comics Inner Circle

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I believe there is no limit to the level of mastery you can reach as a comic book artist. It just comes down to how badly you want it.

Let me ask you something...

If you knew for sure that someday, you really could draw the kind of comic art that got you excited as a kid, that inspired you to pick up a pencil in the first place; and you knew in your heart of hearts it would happen...

What would you be willing to do? How much would it mean to you, to have that kind of ability?

There is one truth I have held close throughout my entire journey as a comic artist; a personal truth that kept me going even when everything I drew sucked, and I just wanted to give up...

'Talent is merely the motivation to get good at that which you're most passionate about.'

I hung onto that whenever I felt hopeless or disappointed in myself. Because it meant that as long as I never gave up, I'd be able to draw, the way I 'wanted' to draw someday.

It pulled me through, kept me going, until I was able to draw with a level of ability I never even dreamed of having.

I don't say that to boast, but instead to tell you that I was once exactly where you are now. It's how I know, if you really want this, and do what it takes, meeting your goals as a comic artist is inevitable.

My name's Clayton Barton, and over the years I've taught hundreds if not thousands of students how to draw comics at an elite level, both online and in the classroom. I've seen complete beginners who have taken their skills to a professional level with the right guidance, and an unrelenting obsession with their craft.

So believe me when I say anyone has the potential to become a pro at drawing comics. It simply comes down to consistent repetition over a long enough timeline.

Take it from me...

I wasn't born with the God-given talent to draw. Sure I got compliments from my mum, my friends and even my teachers, but only because I was the one kid stuck inside drawing, instead of kicking the ball around outside like everyone else.

What got me to the level I'm at today, is the simple belief I could get better. That blind faith was my real gift. With that I had the determination to learn, practice, and grow as an artist.

And you know what?

I still hold onto that belief till this day, because the sky is the limit, and like me, you can take your abilities far and beyond anything you could've imagined. It all comes down to how big you can dream.

With the right guidance, you can get there sooner too. That was the secret sauce to my own success - finding all the knowledge I could get my hands on so I could improve faster. I wanted to learn the tricks of the trade. The secret techniques and methods real comic artists used.

I knew that by doing this, I could massively shortcut my learning curve, avoid a ton of mistakes I didn't need to make, and start drawing the kind of comic art that inspired me to become a comic artist.

Today, I want to give you that same opportunity with the How To Draw Comics ULTRA OMNIBUS.


The How To Draw Comics ULTRA OMNIBUS gives you something truly unique, that can't be found anywhere else. It's the one learning resource you'll own that keeps growing in size, and delivering continuous value.

It took both me and fellow art instructor Ed Foychuk to make it possible, that's how big of a deal this training package is.

We've combined our forces, to present you with the ultimate collection of our most prestige courses, which serve to teach you the skills required to reach your full potential as a comic book artist.

These courses are handpicked to arm you with an iron-clad understanding of the foundations for drawing anything, and show you how to use that knowledge to create complete character designs, illustrations and most important of all - comic books!

In short, you get the best of our beginner level, and advanced training in one package.

But that's not all.

The ULTRA OMINIBUS offers infinitely more than that, and I think this is what makes it truly special.

Not only will you get instant access to 12 complete courses (and counting) when you own the OMNIBUS today, you'll also receive all future courses Ed and I add to it, completely free of charge.

Yes, you read that right... The UTLRA OMNIBUS gives you 12 courses now, plus every other course we include in it later on. Basically it's an ongoing subscription you'll only ever pay for once.

It still doesn't end there either... and what I'm about to say next may be the best part about The ULTRA OMNIBUS.

You'll also have exclusive access to LIVE training and Q&A sessions (which will be recorded and uploaded as additional content for you to own in the ULTRA OMNIBUS), and a VIP invite to the HTDC Inner Circle.

...and that's what makes this Omnibus an 'ULTRA' OMNIBUS.


Each course in the How To Draw Comics ULTRA OMNIBUS contains downloadable video lessons for you to watch and learn from.

What's so great about this is you're able to follow along at your own pace, putting everything you're learning straight into action and seeing the lasting impact it has on your work.

Here's a quick breakdown of the 12 courses you'll get instant access to when you pick up the ULTRA OMNIBUS Today:

How To Draw Comics Anatomy

Imagine, being able to draw your characters in any pose, from any perspective, knowing that their anatomy is properly structured, without ever having to second guess yourself.

That's what this course aims to give you in 11 lessons, spanning over 6 hours of intensive anatomy training. You'll watch example after example showing you how the muscle structure of each part of the human body is broken down, analyzed and reconstructed.

How To Render Comics

Ever wanted to know the secrets to rendering your characters accurately, with page-popping depth and dimension? This course reveals it all with an A-grade team up of comic art pros who will train you up on their very best rendering techniques and methods.

By the end you will be far more confident, not only in your rendering skills, but your understanding of the 'where' and 'why' that so often eludes beginner artists.

How To Color Digitally

Have you been wanting to delve into the world of digital coloring, but aren't sure where to start? Have you tried a few techniques, maybe from places like Youtube, but found them lacking? If you're wanting to really bring up your A game in digital coloring, this is the course for you! 

Ed Foychuk takes the reigns on this one going through each unit in real time. No fast forwarding. No quick edits to catch mistakes. Just looking at the real process and approaches to digitally coloring line art.

How To Draw Dynamic Action

In this course we'll help you bring your drawings to life! A great drawing is more than just knowing anatomy, it's getting the shot right too!

By the end of this course you'll be able to picture and compose far more dynamic pieces of art. You'll take your figures from being stiff and still, to full of life. You'll understand how to frame the composition of your piece in a more dynamic manner and have a blast while doing it.

How To Make Comics

This is an extremely comprehensive course that was created with the sole purpose to help you bring your comic book to life! It gives you everything you'll need to finally take those exciting ideas you've thinking about, and create an actual comic that you can print, and even sell!

Despite the size of this course already, Ed and I are constantly adding more lessons to How To Make Comics, to ensure every facet of creating a comic book is covered in the upmost detail (and yes, you'll get access to all those updates too).

How To Draw Perspective

Do you ever struggle with backgrounds and perspective?

This course might just be just what you need to help you overcome those obstacles once and for all. The demonstrations you'll see inside are specifically designed for you to follow along, with easy to follow steps that clearly show you how to set up the foundations of a successfully drawn background or scene.

How To Draw Heads & Faces Workshop

This course gives you a flexible method for drawing heads and faces, that makes the process fun and leads to an impressive outcome every time.

It'll teach you all you need to know about drawing expressive heads and faces in any position, on any angle, under whatever lighting set up you want - from your imagination. 

By the end you'll have an ironclad understanding of how the head should be constructed, but in practice, apply a less regimented approach that relies on your artistic intuition over analytical thinking.

Figure Drawing Foundations: Proportions

The ideas, techniques and tools you’ll about to learn in this course have been carefully developed and refined over years of learning, testing and experience.

It's laser focused volume of comic art training, created specifically to give you the ability to draw your comic book characters in proportion! Each lesson offers a highly concentrated, deep level of insight into the complexities of this fundamental figure drawing principle - and doubles as a dependable guide for you to refer back to whenever you need it.

It's ‘the’ guide to drawing your comic book characters in proportion.

Character Creator: Superheroines

In this 5+ hour video demonstration you'll learn an easy to follow, step by step method for creating beautiful comic book women from start to finish. Each lesson is concise and to the point, cutting out the fluff and leaving you with a clear guide that’ll reveal how it’s all done.

You’ll learn the complete production workflow for designing, drawing, inking and coloring three female comic book characters using a combination of Manga Studio and Photoshop. Along the way I’ll explain my creative process in detail and show you the exact techniques I use to digitally illustrate high quality, professional looking comic book characters.

Character Creator: The Making of E

In this course you’ll learn the entire production workflow for drafting, designing, inking and coloring a complete character concept from beginning to end.

The demonstration featured throughout these lessons gives you an inside look into the making of ‘E’ an original character I created for an apocalyptic/sci fi action comic. Every aspect of her design was carefully crafted, each line intricately inked in with attention to detail, colored and rendered to present her with maximum depth and dimension.

Comic Art Masterclass: The Crimson Cat

Creating a full comic book illustration is extremely difficult, because it relies so heavily on a clear understanding of your process – which many artists don’t fully develop even after they’ve learned the fundamentals.

If you want to consistently create stunning comic art that earns the respect of your peers and impresses your fans, this masterclass will show you how to do it as I share my very own process with you, and teach you exactly how to execute it.

How To Light Characters and Scenes

If you're ready to blow open the secrets to effective lighting in comics, this is by far one of the most comprehensive volumes of knowledge out there that'll show you how to do it.

You'll learn how to interpret the planes of the human body, so that you can easy figure out where to place shadows under different lighting set ups. We'll also discuss how to light full figures, heads and scenes from multiple lighting directions so that you can shade your comic art dynamically without depending on references.


All future courses and updates added to the ULTRA OMNIBUS

One of the best reasons to get the How To Draw Comics ULTRA OMNIBUS right now, is because you'll get access to all the future courses we add to this package, as well as the 12 current courses that are already included.

You see, we want to make this bundle HTDC's opus magnum of comic art know-how. It's the one product we offer where you literally get everything we have to teach, now and forever.

That is why the price you'll get it for today is the lowest it will ever be. As we pump more and more value into the OMNIBUS, the price will reflect it's increasing value. So there's no better time to pick it up.

Access to LIVE monthly training and Q&A Sessions

When you pick up the How To Draw Comics ULTRA OMNIMBUS today, you'll get access to LIVE training and Q&A Sessions on a monthly basis, that'll be streamed exclusively to the HTDC Inner Circle. What's even more awesome is that the recordings of these sessions will be uploaded to the ULTRA OMNIBUS as bonus content for you to keep, and watch at your own convenience.

VIP Invitation to The HTDC Inner Circle

Included in your HTDC ULTRA OMNIBUS package is a VIP invite to an exclusive Facebook Group - known as the HTDC Inner Circle. This invaluable bonus gives you direct access to Ed and I, as well as an entire community of driven artists who have each others backs - and want you to succeed!

You'll get motivation from seeing the progress made by other members, meaningful feedback on the work you post, and most importantly, the Inner Circle gives you accountability - so that you can stay on track and meet your comic art goals.


✎ Monthly LIVE comic art training and Q&A sessions as a member of HTDC's inner circle.
✎ A supportive community that'll motivate you, hold you accountable and help you reach your goals
✎ Digital workbooks and assignments to help put your learning into action
✎ Free access to all future courses and lessons added to the ULTRA OMNIBUS


✎ Courses: $550 Value
✎ LIVE Training and Q&A: $897+ Value
✎ Access Future Courses: Priceless
✎ HTDC Inner Circle: Priceless

That's over $1,500.00 of training and coaching you'll get access to today for just $149.

Click the 'I want this!' button at the top right of the page and apply the discount code 'ULTRA-SALE' at checkout to get a massive $1,351.00 OFF the full sale price.

This special deal is valid only for an extremely limited time - and it'll never be this low again since we'll be adding even more content to this package in the future!

I want this!

12 Courses, LIVE Training, Q&A Sessions, VIP Invite to HTDC Inner Circle, Access to Future Courses and Updates


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How To Draw Comics ULTRA OMNIBUS

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