Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions - Ultra Pack

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“Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions” 

Ultra Pack Includes:

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions E-Book

The 34 Page E-Book holds some of the most concentrated, highly polished fundamental knowledge on Proportions that you will not find anywhere else.

Every piece of insight has been carefully articulated with complimentary, high detail Comic Book illustrations to give you clear visual examples, and to inspire. The Proportions E-Book is a must have reference guide for every aspiring Comic Book Artist who wants to get their figure drawing foundations handled – beginning with Proportions.

Best of all it’s all digital! So you don’t have to wait to get it in the mail, you get it instantly. You never have to worry about it getting damaged or lost, and you can take it anywhere, having it right at your finger tips whenever you want it.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Core Lesson

The Core Proportions Lesson is the 40 minute, narrated, Video adaption of the Proportions E-Book - designed to give you a highly immersive, potent learning experience. The core lesson breaks down the topics step by step, walking you’re through each segment. Instead of just looking at each example, I’ll be highlighting the Proportions of the human figure segment by segment so that you don’t miss a beat.

The entire lesson has been narrated, which means you can sit back, listen, watch and learn, giving you a whole new level of educational immersion.

Both the Core Video and the E-Book are exceptional volumes of Comic Art training, designed and carefully composed to be delivered in two different formats.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Templates

As well as the training material, I’ve also created a set of high resolution Proportions Templates. These Templates are essentially a height chart for each of the overarching topics covered in the E-Book and Core Proportions Lesson – The Heroic Figure, Proportions at Different Ages and Comic Book Archetypes.

These were specially created to serve you as the go to reference guide whenever you set out to draw a Comic Book character – a guide not just to drawing your characters in Proportion, but also to provide a reference for placing in their anatomy.

The Proportions Templates are ultra-high resolution image files which means you can set them up as your desktop background, or print them out on giant posters to hang up in your studio or work space. Either way, you can rest assured that every detail will be captured in sharp HD focus.

But I didn’t want to stop there. See, one of the toughest things to overcome when learning is the fact that you’re not here in the classroom with me to guide you through the process of implementing all the cool stuff you’re going to learn.

So I decided to really go above and beyond for you here to

GUARANTEE you the results you came here for.

Along with the Proportions E-Book, Core Proportions Lesson and Proportions Templates - I’ve also included:

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Workshop

As far as content and step by step instruction - this is where it’s at. The Proportions Workshop is a 5 Hour + module of intensive, real-time training designed to help you implement everything you’ve learned in the Core Proportions Lesson.

In the first 4 Workshop Sessions you’re going to learn step-by-step how to build a proportionally accurate figure drawing from the ground up. I’ll walk you through the front, and side view of both the male and female figure so that you get a full understanding of how the key forms of the human body are drawn. Literally, you’ll follow along with a sketchbook and pencil as we do the exercise together, and finish up with a set of Proportionally accurate figures in front of you.

In the following 4 sessions we enter into the advanced concepts of Proportions where I’ll walk you through a series of examples and exercises designed to get you drawing your figures in perspective – while keeping their proportions intact!

Each of the Sessions focus on:

How to place down, and construct your characters on the page so that they fit within the space you’re drawing them – whether that be the page itself or the panels within a sequential piece of art work.

How to draw your characters in different poses, and foreshorten them in Perspective – and how to apply Proportions in those more dynamic scenarios.

You’ll learn how to understand the human figure in terms of simple form so that you can take a pose from observation, turn it around inside your mind and draw it down onto the page at any angle, in any view you desire. And I show exactly how to do it – in fact I walk you through it one step at a time so that you can implement the process for yourself.

And finally I share practical exercises with you that are specially designed to make drawing your characters in proportion second nature, through repetition. If you practice the exercises you learn in this session, Proportions will be a problem for you no more.

Each of the 8 sessions within the Proportions Workshop goes for 40 minutes to an hour, and are aimed at putting everything you’ve learned into action straight away so that you can see an improvement in your drawings right NOW!

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Virtual Comic Art Classroom Invite

This package gets you an invite to join HTDC’s Virtual online, Comic Art Classroom - an extremely EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where you’ll join a supportive community of highly driven artists, and have direct access to me so that I can personally help you one-on-one to  pass your greatest challenges

Essentially, this online space serves as a virtual classroom for those who are most dedicated to taking their dynamic drawing skills to the next level. And one of the reasons I created the HTDC Virtual Comic Art Class  was to provide a platform that you and I could interact on. A platform in which you could show me your work, ask me questions and where I could give you personalized feedback on the specific areas you were struggling with. The HTDC Virtual Comic Art Class provides the missing link in online training by allowing me to cater my teaching and advice to your personal needs.

On top of that, you’ll be mingling with the other dedicated and talented artists that are part of this tight knit group of motivated individuals. This is not only a motivating experience, but an inspiring one where everyone is encouraged and given the help they need to really take their skill set to the top

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Personalized Feedback and Critiques

Finally in the top tier Utlra Pack I’m going to go one step beyond just teaching you this stuff – I’m basically going to become your personal Mentor. Here I’m going to offer you in-depth critiques and extensive feedback on your work that will hone in on and get you past your greatest obstacles so that you can level up your skillset in the fastest amount of time possible

I’ll give you feedback on your work in the form of comprehensive write-ups that’ll address your concerns, and guide you in the right direction to help you solve them. From time to time I’ll even go so far as to create video critiques where I literally show you how to address the problems you’re having in your art work and exactly what you can do to improve it.

Naturally I’m only one person. So I can’t make this offer to everyone. In fact this offer is extremely limited to the first few who order this package. So if you’re truly serious about stepping your art work up to the next level, in the shortest amount of time you possibly can, take advantage of this offer as quickly as possible before it’s too late. I’ve never offered anything like this before but I’m pretty sure spots are going to run out fast with a list of over 5000 registered members on How to Draw Comics . NET.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Video Recordings

Get access to 16+ hours of recorded video demonstration showcasing the making of each Comic Book Illustration I created for  Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions. These time-lapse videos give you an inside look into how I actually produce a detailed, Comic Book Illustration from start to finish. The best part is, you’ll actually see my applying the same stuff I teach you in the Core Proportions Lesson and Workshop – as I begin laying in the foundations of each illustration and build it up.

Each of these Time-lapse Videos have been compressed from 10 Hours of production time, to a sped up 1 Hour demo. These videos are NOT narrated, so they’re really for the hard-core learners who want to get an inside look and see my entire process in action.

What you ultimately get out of these videos is a clear example of my personal workflow in action, and the steps I take to create a Comic Book Illustration from the ground up. This is obviously something which is highly valuable in the development of your own workflow – to see how others actually work. And my hope is that you’ll use these Comic Art recordings to develop, tweak and improve your own production process.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Multi-Layered PSD Files

Get an inside look into the Layered PSD Files that were used to compose the 40+ Comic Book Illustrations included in the Proportions Lesson. These Project Files are going to give you an inside peak into how I compose the layering of my digital Comic Art as well as my layering process. Once you see inside these files, the method I use for composing an inked illustration becomes clear –

Begin with the foundations, establishing the pose, placement and proportions of the character

Next, roughly sketch in the anatomy of the character, plotting out the muscle group and key anatomical features of the character

Draft the design of the character’s costume, hair style and place in the facial features – Then finally…

Ink in the finished line work, beginning with the line weights contours of the image, then move onto the shadowing and rendering passes

These PSD’s are an excellent educational resource, again for someone who is ultra-serious about stepping up their art work to the next level and developing a rock solid workflow for themselves that’s going to give them consistent results.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals | High Resolution Image Files

Here I’m going to give you the High Resolution collection of the illustrations I created for Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions Multi-Layered PSD Files. If you’re a fan of my art work, you’re going to love this – but more importantly, they’re going to serve you as yet another excellent resource of study.

Ultimately, when you get "Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions", my hope is that it will not only give you a highly concentrated, deep level of insight into the complexities of Proportion - but that it will also serve as a dependable guide for you to refer back to whenever you need it.

My goal was to deliver ‘the’ guide to drawing your Comic Book Characters in Proportion. And I really do believe that I’ve created that for you here.



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Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions - Ultra Pack

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