How To Draw Dynamic Heads & Faces

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Drawing the front, side and three quarter views of the head is fantastic for learning its basic structure and proportions. But what happens if we want to draw the head in perspective, on a more dynamic angle?

This makes our task a little more difficult than drawing the standard views of the head and face, because the proportions shift and the shape completely changes.

But this is really an optical illusion. The shape and measurements of the head still apply, they're distorted by perspective when we begin turning them in space. 

This means we can simply apply the rules of perspective to the proportions of the head and face, and foreshorten it's overall shape according to the view we're drawing it on.

In this class, you'll learn how - with over two hours worth of content, that'll walk you through the step by step process for drawing the human head on four different angles, with real time demonstrations for each.

Let's get started!


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How To Draw Dynamic Heads & Faces

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