How To Light Characters & Scenes | For Comic & Storyboard Artists

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How To Light Characters & Scenes | For Comic & Storyboard Artists

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Do you run into trouble when it comes to lighting characters, props and backgrounds? You’re not the only one, we all do. Why? Because it’s difficult to pull off correctly. Really difficult.

But as you’re about to see in this course, there’s a way to think about lighting form that makes it stupidly simple to figure out where the shadows and highlights need to fall around a solid object, regardless of its complexity and under any given lighting scheme you can think of.

In this class we'll be taking a look at lighting scenes and characters. Here's what we'll be covering:

  • Lighting Primitive Shapes (Sphere, Box, Cylinder)
  • Lighting Geometry
  • Planes of the Figure (Male/Female)
  • Planes of The Head (Male/Female)
  • Body lighting Schemes (Male/Female)
  • Head Lighting Schemes (Male/Female)
  • Lighting Scenes (3 different panel examples)

As a bonus I'll also show you my construction method for male and female figures, and heads. I hope you enjoy the class.

Clocking in at 3 hours and 38 minutes this is by far one of the most comprehensive volumes of knowledge that's specifically focused on lighting characters and scenes. So if this is an obstacle for you, do yourself a favor and invest in this class. You won't not regret it!

If you're ready to blow open the secrets to effective lighting - let's jump straight to it and get started. I'll see you inside.


I want this!


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