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How To Draw Heads & Faces: Drawing Facial Expressions To Convey Feelings & Emotions

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Would you like people to connect with your characters instantly, on a deep, and profoundly emotional level? 

Of course you do.

That's why we draw characters in the first place - to captivate the audience, and engage them. That connection is never more powerful than when our characters feel relatable; when they feel real.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through facial expressions. It's one of the most potent non-verbal ques that allow people to empathize with and understand your characters. It gives us a visual clue as to what they're thinking, feeling, and even planning to do next.

Facial expressions allow us to capture an outward representation of the character's inner emotional state.

If we're able to convey the emotions of our character's effectively, they instantly come across as more believable, but most importantly more human - which is vital in visual storytelling.

In this class, you'll learn some of the key facial expressions a character is likely to present, and an easy method for setting up the placement of the facial features, shaping, animating and drawing them to effectively emote - from multiple angles.

You'll also learn about range of emotional expression, as we exaggerate the shape, movement and composition of the facial features to display building intensities of Happiness, Anger, Sadness and Shock.

The same theories talked about here can of course be transferred over too any number of feelings a character is capable of emoting.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to draw facial features
  • Proportional relationships of the facial features
  • How to shape and animate the facial features to achieve different expressions
  • How to intensify emotional expression of the face
  • How to draw facial expressions on different angles

My class on Drawing Facial Expressions To Convey Feelings & Emotions is ideal for comic book artists, animators and anyone interested in character design - but make no mistake, the skills learned in these lessons can be easily transferred to any art medium and genre to enhance the emotional impact of an illustrated face.

If you're ready to bring your characters to life with new levels of emotional flair, there's no time to waste - start this class today and discover the true range of expression your characters are waiting to portray.

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How To Draw Heads & Faces: Drawing Facial Expressions To Convey Feelings & Emotions

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